Descriptions of peoples from Different WoT Nations


Amadicians are ruddy-faced (CoT, Ch. 9).tumblr_nnagmmzKye1rwbwbfo4_250


The clothing of Andor is not known to have any distinguishing features. Similarly, the people do not have many common traits, though they are usually pale skinned. In some regions, such as the Two Rivers, hair and eyes are dark, but this is not the case everywhere.

tumblr_nnagmmzKye1rwbwbfo5_1280Arad Domon

Domani have coppery skin (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 30).


They range from pale to dark with various eye colors. (based on various character descriptions:



Physically, Altarans are known for having dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin, though this is more pronounced in the south, Northerners, such as those from Malden, may appear more like Andorans, being fair and sometimes having blue eyes (CoT, Ch. 10).


Short and pale. They often have dark hair and eyes.


Illianers do not seem to have any distinguishing features, however Men wear beards that leave their upper lips bare. (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 30). (based on various character descriptions


Little is known of the dress and appearance of Ghealdanin, though they tend to be dark of hair and eye.


Kandori do not seem to have any distinguishing features, though a few characters are described as having full lips. Dark hair and eyes seem to prevalent (base on various character descriptions.


Men commonly have curled moustaches, waxed to a point (ACoS, Ch. 27). They may also have small beards on the tip of their chin (LoC, Ch. 52). Along the border with Andor, Murandians are indistinguishable from Andorans except by dress. There is no reference complexion or common eye or hair color.


People in Saldaea often have distinctive physical traits, including tilted, almond shaped eyes, high cheekbones and large, beak-like noses. Fiery red hair is also common (TGH, Ch. 18).



There is no reference complexion or common eye or hair color, although some Shienarian characters are described as being dark.


They have dark, thick hair (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 30).

Some have honey-yellow hair with dark eyes; this combination is instantly recognizable as Taraboner (TFoH, Ch. 18). Aside from this there is not reference to common complexion or eye color.

Men from Tarabon usually have facial hair under the veil in the form of a thick mustache.

Women wear their hair in long thin braids (TSR, Ch. 46).


Tariens are described ranging from pale to dark. There is no common eye or hair color. (based on descriptions of various characters

Far Madding

The people of Far Madding are more often than not tall with dark hair and eyes.



There is no reference complexion or common eye or hair color


The Seanchan are described as being anywhere from pale to coal-dark.   There is n common eye or hair color.


The Aiel are normally very tall, and fair haired with light color eyes.


They have dark skin, black hair and black eyes. Men and women have tattoos and piercings. The tattoos identify their Clan. The number of piercings identify their rank. Men are clean shaven.


Physically, the Amayar are shorter and much fairer than the Atha’am Miere, with a high percentage of yellow or light brown and blue or hazel eyes. Although short, on average about equal to the people of Cairhien in height, men and woman are usually rather stockly built.


People from Shara have very dark skin and curly hair (LoC, Ch. 6).

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