Old Tongue Translations/Meanings of the Forsaken Names

These translations and meanings were taken from The Wheel of Time Companion. There are more than 13 names because some of the Forsaken were brought back after death, by the Dark One, and given new names. However, I have simply listed the names in alphabetical order, as to minimize spoilers.
Aginor                                Slicer of the living
Aran’gar                            Right hand dagger
Asmodean                         Musician
Balthamel                         Essence of youth
Be’lal                                  Desire to have
Cydane                               Last chance
Demandred                      One who twist the blade
Graendal                           Vessel of pleasure
Hessalm                            Without forgiveness
Ishamael                           Betrayer of hope
Lanfear                              Daughter of the night
Mesaana                            Teacher of lessons
Moghedian                       Small, deadly poisonous and extremely reclusive spider
Moridin                              A grave; tomb; death
Osan’gar                            Left hand dagger
Rahvin                               Promise of freedom
Sammael                           Destroyer of hope
Semirhage                        Promise of Pain

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