The Wheel on the Web

There are many websites/blogs/social media accounts that can provide a fan with a wealth of information.  Below you will find information on the sites I listed on the Brief Overview Page. I will post the information for other sites in the future. If you have a site you would like me to review and post please contact me.

*Please note that all of these sites have spoilers


This is one of my favorite sites. The site is broken down into 7 sections.

Books, History, Geography, Characters, Organizations, Items, and Prophecies.

The Dragon Reborn Plot Thread

The Dragon Reborn Plot Threads

Pros: gives a plot summary of each chapter and includes a breakdown of character plot threads for each book.  Also gives audio pronunciations for most names in the series (character and location and random words).  Nice breakdown of organizations (Aes Sedai, Asha’man, Aiel, etc.)

Cons: Currently the chapter summaries stop Chapter 3 of Book 14. Not much artwork. The search feature doesn’t seem to work.


The Thirteenth Depository

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This is probably THE most in-depth Wheel of Time site on the internet. Really. And I am not just saying that because I think Linda, who runs it, is awesome. (She really is though).  It is truly a libraries worth of information.

Pros: Very in-depth and well thought out articles. It covers just about everything you could think of.  It also includes links to other WoT sites. Well organized. It contains a reference library, a very detailed read through of each book. Great analysis of the series on many levels. Twitter account so you can get tweets when a something new is posted.

Cons: With so much information it can be overwhelming. I suggest deciding on a specific subject/character/book etc. and looking up information about that.


A Wheel of Time Wiki        

WoT WikiThis is the free, unofficial repository of The Wheel of Time material that anyone can edit. They are currently working on 6,053 articles. (taken from They have 4 menu tabs: On the Wiki, Characters, Books, and Community Info.  The two tabs you will probably use the most are Characters and Books. Characters is broken down into the following subcategories: Main Characters, More Characters, Forsaken, More Forsaken, and other Characters.  Books is broken down into the following subcategories: Books 1-7, Book 8 -14, and Other Works.

Pros: Lots of information. Most articles provide reference links. Lots of artwork. Fans can add or edit articles, relatively up to date, you can register to become a member. The search feature works really well.

Con: Not always 100% accurate, I have found some errors on it. (because fans can add or edit articles). it is a wiki, so there are ads so if can get a little bothersome.


Tar Library         

This is the library put together by the members of Tar (I will talk about that awesome site in a separate post, because it is just that awesome). From the Tar Library:


Tar Library Logo

The TarValon.Net Library is a part of the greater community of TarValon.Net, and is run solely by members who volunteer their time. Visit the TarValon.Net forums to participate in our community!

It is our goal to provide fans of Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” with accurate, comprehensible and extensive information on the series. It also serves our members with information on TarValon.Net’s history and as a base for our community groups‘ headquarters.

Because the TarValon.Net Library includes information from all books in the series, including the prequel “New Spring” and the guidebook “The World of Robert Jordan’s ‘The Wheel of Time’”, it is advised that those not wishing to encounter spoilers use caution when exploring the Library.

The Library has been separated into a number of different main categories, which can be found listed on the index. There is also a search function.

Learn more about our Library Here

Pros: Well organized. The search feature works very well. I use this site a lot when coming up with questions for our Facebook Group Trivia.  The site is very clean looking and easy to read.

Cons: It is fan run so there are occasional inaccuracies (not many that I have found). There is very little art.



Dragonmount is the place to go if you want to be in the ‘know’.  It is a fan run community that offers news, a discussion forum, podcast, online clubs, role playing and much more. It is run by fans, Jason Denzel (the site founder), Jennifer Liang and an awesome group of volunteers.  From the Website

We are not officially affiliated with the authors, Robert Jordan’s estate, his book publishers, or other rights holders. We are, however, frequent collaborators with all of those groups. Members of our staff have volunteered as beta readers and thematic consultants on various WoT-related projects, including the books themselves. dragonmount

Pros & Cons:  I have not done an in depth look at all the site has to offer so I will withhold my Pros and Cons until a later date.  I will say it is a great source of information and probably the most up to date site out there. If something is happening in the world of Wheel of Time it will be on Dragonmount. Com


Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time ™ Google +    

This is “the official pages of the deceased author Robert Jordan and all things The Wheel of Time. Here you will find assorted fan material, comments and updates on WoT events, publications and other products that we hope you will enjoy hearing about. From Robert Jordan’s widow Harriet and assistants Maria and Alan (who collectively are part of the Bandersnatch Group)”

 Pro: There is a lot of great information here. Great pictures.

Con: There is no search feature so it is more of a scroll and find site.

As you can see most of the sites are fan created and run. Trust me, you have become part of an awesome fandom.

I hope you found the information above helpful. Now there are MANY more sites out there, but I am not as familiar with them as I could be. My plan is to do a full review of an additional site once every two weeks.  If there is a specific site you would like to see reviewed please let me know.


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