Jordancon In July

Normally we have Jordancon in April and pollen is a big concern.  This year since we are having it in July I want to talk to everyone about the heat and humidity.

It is hot in Atlanta……it is humid in Atlanta… is hot and humid in Atlanta in July.

This increases the chances for heat stroke and heat sickness. Also is you have asthma the humidity will not be your friend

  • My number one piece of advice is to stay in the hotel as much as possible.  If you do venture outside do so for only short periods (I suggest less than 20 mins).
  • If you are going to venture out to get something to eat, use the hotel shuttle or buddy up with someone that drove.
  • If you order Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats or any other food delivery service you will have to meet them in the lobby. They are not allowed to take deliveries to the rooms
  • Dress in layers. It is downright cold in the hotel but if you go out to smoke or just to get some air it is going to be hot…and humid.
  • Lightweight fabrics are crucial. Sports powder can help prevent chaffing. Don’t assume you won’t get it because you don’t normally, Atlanta humidity is not normal humidity. (advice courtesy of Susan Martin)
  • Stay hydrated – this goes for whether you are outside or not.
  • Pedialyte Electrolyte powder. It’s fantastic for staying hydrated AND contains very little sugar. (advice courtesy of Thom DeSimone)
  • Take into consideration any medical conditions you have an how they may be affected by the heat.
  • Normally we employee the 3, 2, 1 rule at Jordancon  3 hours of sleep, 2 meals a day, and 1 shower per day.  With the Julie heat you may want to up those showers to 2 a day, especially if you find yourself going outside a lot…..but don’t go outside.

Basically, stay in the hotel, if you have to leave the hotel use the shuttle or some type of vehicle, don’t walk. Hydrate. Shower. Listen to your body.

See you in July!

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