JordanCONline – The Ultimate Couch Con

This weekend should have been Jordancon 2020. Unfortunately, the coronavirus didn’t allow for it to happen in person. Not to be thwarted the Jordancon Team put together an amazing online con in an incredibly short period of time.

JordanCONline took place April 17th -19th, the same weekend set aside for Jordancon 2020. This online con was free and open to the public, not just Jordancon 2020 ticket holders.


The schedule for JordanCONline consisted of both live and recorded panels, tiara and kilt photos (a Jordancon Tradition), cosplay pictures, charity celebrity DnD and a Dance Party. There was even a virtual “Dealer’s Hall”.

So how did they do it? JordanCONline took place over several platforms; Discord, Zoom, YouTube, and Jordancon Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Live Panels were  streamed directly to the Jordancon Website (

To give everyone a realistic Jordancon experience there printable badges designed by Katherin Reid. She also designed the JordanCONline Facebook Profile Picture Frames featuring the WoT Buddies. There were also printable tiaras and badges.

JordanCONline Badge

JordanCONline Badge by Katherine Reid

I am sure most will agree that one of the highlights of JordanCONline was when Rafe Judkins, showrunner for the Wheel of Time Amazon Prime TV show Zoom Bombed the WoT on Prime live panel. It was totally unexpected and a real treat for fans.

Another highlight was the Jordancon Dance Party which took place over Zoom and Disord. The party was kicked off by Sarah Nakamuraand DJed by the incomparable Paul Bielaczyc of Aradani Studios. The party went until 6 am (much longer than the hotel would have ever allowed)

What if you missed JordanCONline? Well, do not fret. We have got you covered. You can catch all the panels on Jordancon’s YouTube Channel. 

And after you get a taste of Jordancon via JordanCONline join us for Jordancon 2021 taking place April 23-25, 2021. (Tickets on Sale Now)

*Note: If you bought a 2020 ticket you are all set for 2021*

See y’all in Atlanta!!

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